• Suspended stair wall in titanium
  • Suspended stair wall in titanium
  • Stair in Wenge wood
  • One of a kind wine cellar in matt stainless steel and Wenge wood
  • Bathroom in stone and mirror stainless steel
  • Bathroom in stone and Noce Canaletto wood
  • Bathroom in stone
  • Bathroom in Stratocolor white
  • Bathroom in Noce Canaletto wood
  • Bathroom in mirror stainless steel and Stratocolor
  • Bathroom in Wenge wood
  • Wall with fountain in hand-cut stone
  • Architectural shelf system
  • Bar counter and shelf system in Wenge wood and glass
  • Glass wall, Strato tables and chairs

"It is by studying the forms of nature that we will discover the basic principles which guide the creation of shape, space and composition and be able to build a living architecture that not only provides us with physical comfort but with spiritual enjoyment as well.”
Albert Frey 1939

Every Strato project, from customized kitchens to furniture for dining rooms and bathrooms, is unique and meets the requirements of contemporary living according to the client’s specific needs. Our designers and workers follow all the planning phases from costs analysis, cad design, renders, construction, transport and installation all over the world. The contract division satisfy any demand for customized products.