Marco Gorini lavora con Strato per il design di cucine e arredamenti

Marco Gorini

After working in the fashion scene he decided to study architecture at University. A great worker and subtle gourmet, in his spare time he used to relax by preparing with the greatest gusto elaborate dishes from both the finest natural and man-made products. In 1990 he designed his first kitchen collection NPU (Non Plus Ultra) and exhibited it in Milan. Up to the present day Marco Gorini has continued to follow his original objective of combining excellent workmanship with unique design, drawing on increasingly refined industrial techniques and artisan ability. The rigour of Classicism and the distinct modernity which inspire Marco Gorini’s work make his finished works quite timeless, and this sets them apart from the criteria of passing fashion trends. They are part of an international culture which links like-minded people who delight in things that last, and fit into and enhance interiors of varied styles. Perhaps Marco Gorini’s creative ability might not have produced such wonderful results had he not been driven by a passion for good quality and beauty. These are fundamental values which for him are especially confirmed not only in his creations but also in his food. Cooking is love, art, culture; the kitchen is a place of shared pleasure and an irreplaceable means of conviviality: these are values which, in essence, we find in Marco Gorini’s work.
Gianna Farina lavora con Strato per il design di cucine e arredamenti

Gianna Farina

After studying languages in Milan, she founded Strato with Marco Gorini. She designed the Altro Casa collection (plates, glasses, wooden trays, silver saucepans), and collaborated in the opening and launch of the “Spaziostrato” Concept Store in Milan. In 2002 Gianna edited the “Work with taste” book published by Edizioni Corraini. From 2002 to 2004 she was the chairwoman of the Casa Malaparte association in Capri. From 2005 to 2011 she designed several interiors in Morocco, within the Medina of Marrakech, in Costarica, and Los Angeles. She is also responsible for Strato Milan, and collaborates with internationally renowned architects and designers. Her passion for design, art and conviviality makes her the promoter of a living concept based on a space inspired by the rigour of shapes, in which beauty is not identified with luxury or ostentation but is rather a sensual and emotional experience of sophisticated comfort. In 2015 she edited for Strato the "Strato photo history 1990 - 2014" book.